Don Kent

CalTRUST Trustee since August 2009. Serving Riverside County since 1997, Don was appointed Chief Financial Officer in August 2017. Prior to that, he served as Treasurer-Tax Collector from November 2008-August 2017. Don oversaw one of the largest investment pools in the state of California, surpassing $8.2 billion in April 2017, maintaining the highest ratings for LGIP’s from Moody’s and FitchRatings. Previous positions include Assistant Investment Officer, Chief Deputy Treasurer-Tax Collector, Assistant Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer-Tax Collector. Currently serves as a member of the County’s Investment Oversight Committee, Pension Advisory Review Committee, Deferred Compensation Committee & Debt Advisory Committee. Prior to the County, he served in the financial services industry as a licensed investment executive with a major national brokerage firm. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Finance from California State University, San Bernardino.