Get Started

Three simple steps to participation.

Step One:

Read the governing documents of CalTRUST and the shares program.

Agencies do not need to become a member of the JPA to be able to register and actively participate in the investment program.

JPA Agreement:

The Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement is the Authority by which CalTRUST was created and which governs the Trust.

Information Statement:

This statement provides detailed information about CalTRUST funds and is informational only.

Investment Policy:

This document provides the investment objectives, policies and restrictions for the CalTRUST Short- and Medium-Term Funds.

Step Two:

Complete the Participant Registration Form & Agreement.

Completing and returning this form constitutes an agreement to participate in CalTRUST and provides the required information for opening an account. Transaction Forms are available on the Participant Portal following establishment of the account and online access. This form also includes the agreement and registration to utilize CalTRUST Online Trading features.

Step Three:

Consider joining as a member of the JPA.

Membership in the JPA is NOT a requirement in order to actively participate in the CalTRUST program. In fact, a majority of our participants are not JPA members. Those who would like to be considered for a seat on the CalTRUST Board of Trustees or vote for Trustees would need to become members of the JPA.

Read, sign and return the agreement.

I’ve Joined, Now What?

Now that you’re a full-fledged member of the CalTRUST community:

We’ve got a myriad of resources and educational materials to help enhance your experience and prepare you for successful participation in CalTRUST.