An Innovative Partnership

We help public agencies pool their assets for investment.

Skilled and Knowledgable Advisors

Over 185 Years of Investment and Policy Making Experience.

Great Account Offerings

With varying liquidity to help meet ALL of your investment needs.

Easy, Hassle-Free Participation

Available to ANY California county, city, special district, or other public agency.

Tailored for local agencies and their investment needs:

Our Three Pillars for Success:

We understand that public dollars must be managed securely and efficiently. The CalTRUST Board, comprised of experienced investment officers and policy makers, works closely with our investment manager, BlackRock, to ensure that our Investment Policy is in full compliance with California Government Code 53601 and 53605. Each of our funds seeks to attain as high a level of current income as is consistent with preservation of principal and aligned with the public agency funds guidepost of Safety, Liquidity, and Yield.


Our primary objective is to safeguard the preservation of principal, ensuring that our Investment Policy is consistent with California law.


Our fund choices offer same-day, next-day, and three-day liquidity to meet your needs.


Our funds consistently outperform our benchmarks as we maximize yield as best possible consistent with safety and liquidity.

Current Program Holdings

Over $2.7 Billion

Over 150 California cities, counties, special districts, and other public agencies enTRUST us as a tool to help manage their financial needs.

Five great account options to choose from

Select the funds that best match your investment time horizon and cash flow needs.

Participants can easily reallocate among accounts as those needs change.


With a target duration of 60 days, this ultra-short fund provides same-day liquidity.

Short Term

With a target duration of 0-2 years, this fund provides same-day liquidity.

Medium Term

With a target duration of 1-3 years, this fund provides three-day liquidity.

ESG Money Market

As an institutional prime fund, LEAF provides same-day liquidity with environmentally conscious investments.


As an institutional government fund, the FedFund provides same-day liquidity.

A Global Leader

Our Partnership with Blackrock puts us in a unique position

BlackRock was retained in 2017 as the exclusive Investment Manager for CalTRUST. BlackRock partners with their cash clients to help find the right investment solutions to meet their unique liquidity needs.  Over multiple interest rate cycles and varying market conditions, BlackRock has managed cash portfolios for corporations, banks, foundations, insurance companies and public funds.  As a leader in this asset class, BlackRock has US$10 trillion* in assets across multiple currencies. With one of the most experienced teams in the industry, BlackRock is able to offer clients an investment approach that has been tested through time and a variety of solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s cash investor.

We make participation easy!

Local agencies can invest with CalTRUST directly with no hassle.

No need for a city council or board resolution to join the JPA. Any California local agency may participate in CalTRUST.