Matt McCue


CalTRUST Trustee since 2017. Matt began his career in public accounting. Upon leaving public accounting, Matt became the Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer for one of his former clients, a start-up company developing a new health technology. The great recession forced a major slowdown in the company and the economy and guided Matt into a consulting practice. While consulting for a local hospital Matt was asked to become their Director of Finance. The next phase in Mattโ€™s career brought him to Mission Springs Water District (MSWD). While at MSWD Matt was a part of a team that undertook a financial master planning process which is reinventing MSWD and the way it does business\ In 2014 Matt was appointed to the Board of California Special District Association Finance Corporation (CSDAFC) which facilitates financings for California special districts as well as other local government agencies and in 2015 the CSDAFC Board appointed Matt to its Alliance Executive Council.

Free Webinar: Demystifying Yield: Defining Various Yield Terminology
Free Webinar: Defining Yield