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Getting Started:

  • Information Statement

    This statement provides detailed information about the Trust and is informational only. Prospective participants should carefully read this Information Statement and the JPA Agreement.

  • Investment Policy

    This document provides the investment objectives, policies and restrictions for each of the three separately managed funds.

  • Program Registration Form and Participation Agreement / Online Trading Registration Form

    Completing this form constitutes an agreement to participate in the CalTRUST Program and provides the required information for opening an account. Transaction Forms are available following participant log-in. This form also includes the agreement and registration to utilize CalTRUST Online Trading features.

  • Online Trading Instructions

    Step-by-step instructions on how to use the CalTRUST online portal. 

  • Transaction Forms

    Once an Account has been opened, Transaction documents are available for making contributions and withdrawals. Click here to log-in

  • Resolution

    For adoption by local governing body authorizing membership in the CalTRUST Joint Powers Authority. An agency may invest in CalTRUST as a "participant" without becoming a member of the CalTRUST JPA.

  • Sample Staff Report

    To accompany (at local agency discretion) the resolution authorizing membership in the CalTRUST Joint Powers Authority.

Special Announcements and Educational Resources:

  • The Great NAV Debate: Part 1

    In this first of two parts, we will look at SEC-registered MMFs, which play a critical role in today’s capital markets and economy; and the benefits of a stable NAV pricing regimen for these cash-like instruments.

  • The Great NAV Debate: Part 2

    In this second part, we will discuss the floating NAV: what it represents, and how it ensures equal treatment for all investors in non-money market funds, such as the CalTRUST Short- and Medium-Term funds.

  • CalTRUST Short-Term Investing Webinar

    This webinar provided an overview of the current economic environment and market conditions including some ideas to help local agencies achieve their investment objectives given the low interest rate environment. Presented on November 1, 2012.
    Download a PDF of the PowerPointWatch the webinar.

  • CalTRUST Net Asset Value Webinar

    This webinar provided an overview of the fundamentals of Net Asset Value (NAV) including the benefits of unitizing funds, characteristics of floating NAV, drivers of NAV volatility, stable vs floating NAV, and CalTRUST's portfolio strategy. Presented on July 17, 2013.
    Download a PDF of the PowerPoint.Watch the webinar.

  • CalTRUST Investment Policy & Guideline Development Webinar

    This webinar provided an overview of the fundamentals of investment policy development including the key benefits of an investment policy, key issues to consider, and how to develop guidelines. Presented on March 18, 2014.
    Download a PDF of the PowerPoint.

August 01, 2017 Transition to NorthStar/Gemini Complete New Online Trading Portal Launched
September 04, 2017 Labor Day Closed for Trading
October 09, 2017 Columbus Day Closed for Trading
November 23, 2017 Thanksgiving Closed for Trading
November 24, 2017 Thanksgiving Holiday Early Closure - 10:00 am PST
December 22, 2017 Christmas Eve (Observed) Early Closure - 10:00 am PST
December 25, 2017 Christmas Closed for Trading
December 29, 2017 New Year Eve Early Closure - 10:00 am PST
January 01, 2018 New Year's Day Closed for Trading
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The information on this website is intended only for public agencies within the meaning of the Joint Exercise Of Powers Act and does not represent an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy shares of the Trust or any other security. Shares in the Trust are sold or bought only based on the information contained in the current Information Statement. The Information Statement contains important information and should be read carefully before investing.

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